Sad Valentines # 18 The things I do for 'us'

Kent Babin offers a story of devotion, Azeri-style. I think he may have lived in the Caucus for too long. While he certainly hasn't mastered paint, the comic is charming and well worth the effort it takes to read it.

And with that, today, two weeks late, on International Women's Day, we complete our Sad Valentines project. Thank you to everyone who took the time to pour your hearts out in arts and crafts. I've loved every one of them.

Sad Valentines # 17 Love is like...

Laura Knepper offers valuable insight into what it means to be young and single in the Midwest -- a harrowing tale of sickly sweet indulgence and late night craigslist

Sad Valentines # 16 Influenza is the first sign of love

Kate Ditter thinks I'm a bully. I think she needs a stronger immune system. It's nice she's found true love and all that shit though.

Sad Valentines # 15 Baby, this is a powerpoint presentation of what you mean to me

Natasha offers an almost entirely illegible valentine that I think may be called "the story of her life."

Sad Valentines #14 "I felt you in my legs before I even met you"

Dan Metz creates a devotional valentine series to Pat Hayden. I'm not sure whether I enjoy most that its a perfect match to those superhero valentines cards of the incredible hulk asking you to "be his main squeeze" or the odd hint of sexuality conveyed through a Canadian lesbian sister/twin folk duo vs Russian bisexual pop band. Either way, bravo metzger.


Dearest Valentine

I did not abandon the project, all of your submissions will go up today, on the day of love. I apologize for the week-long failure. I smashed my face and decided to spend the week not doing much of anything productive (minus work-related things of course.)

Happy V-day. I will post furiously to appease you all.


Sad Valentine # 13 'remember when stalking wasn't hip''

Alexander Patrick Andre proves that he is not a one-hit wonder.


Sad Valentine # 12 'oh, I'm pretty sure she's judging you alright'

Laura Knepper promises not to cheat at scrabble, though, she makes no assurances about playing fair to win your heart.


Sad Valentines # 11 'The octopus and I'

Why is it always the cephalopods that break my heart?